Binh Dinh Coconut Water Rice Paper The Essence of Tam Quan Coconut Country Specialty MUST TRY

Binh Dinh coconut water rice paper is a dish with delicious crispy flavor typical of Tam Quan Binh Dinh coconut land.

“The fatty aroma of coconut, crispy taste, remember to eat” is the feature that Binh Dinh coconut water rice paper brings, certainly will not be confused.

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Rice paper with sweet coconut flavor permeates each grain of the cake. Binh Dinh coconut water rice paper used for snacks, side dishes or main meals is also very reasonable. This type of cake does not have a certain standard of eating, because you can enjoy the taste of the cake depending on your needs and preferences.

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But most of the time to eat delicious cakes, you need to prepare an ember and bake the cake, then break it up and eat it while watching movies or chatting with friends, or you can use it to eat. Along with selling fried dishes, braised dishes, steamed …, because the demand for use is increasing, nowadays people also sell ready-made cakes so you can use them on the spot.


But if you want to buy it to eat for a long time and every time you eat it, just bake it with a charcoal fire, the cake will be more delicious, the feeling of the cake when met with the fire will swell up to a golden yellow, while baking the coconut flavor blends with the aroma of Rice flour plus the aroma of fried onions and pepper with a little bit of coconut fiber is guaranteed to only be enchanted!

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