Cách làm bánh tráng gạo lứt cuốn ức gà và rau củ thơm ngon tại nhà


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Brown rice paper was born with the mission to bring diverse, quality, delicious, healthy meals – suitable for all diets, vegetarians, and salty foods.
♻️ Features of brown rice paper cake
– Produced from 100% pure brown rice
– Say no to preservatives – no additives
– The smell of new rice
– Very tough, flexible – not friable, crushed
– After frying, it keeps its crispiness longer than regular rice paper
– Easy to prepare rich, diverse with many dishes
Ingredients: Pure organic brown rice, purified water, salt

Bánh Tráng Gạo Lứt 400g (44-45 Bánh) | Quảng Duyên
☀️Made from pure organic brown rice – a slow-metabolizing starch – delicious to eat:
✔️Does not cause weight gain – does not accumulate excess fat
✔️Suitable for people who are undergoing treatment, Dieters, eatclean, people with high blood sugar and cholesterol.
🍽Instructions for use:
– Spring rolls (spring rolls)
– Making spring rolls, rolls, mixed rice paper, cooked rice cakes (like Hai Phong crab cakes)
*How to soften brown rice paper skin: Dip or use water to apply evenly on rice paper, leave for about 1 minute to soften evenly.

Bánh tráng gạo lứt huyết rồng/tím than/đen ăn kiêng,eatclean (500g) chính hãng 70,000đ

Bánh tráng gạo lứt Cát Thủy 500G, bánh tráng ngũ sắc giảm cân - eatclean, thực dưỡng, ăn kiêng | Shopee Việt Nam

Có thể là hình ảnh về thực phẩm

Có thể là hình ảnh về thực phẩm và trong nhà
⚠️ Note on storage:
☑ After unpacking, Brown Rice Rice Paper should be stored in sealed bags/bags.
☑ Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


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