The nostalgia of sesame rice crackers – the flavour of Binh Dinh province

Located around 100 kilometres from the Quy Nhơn City, Tam Quan town in Hoài Nhơn district, Binh Dinh province, is renowned for its Tam Quan sesame rice crackers.


Bánh Tráng Gạo Mè Nướng Sẵn Sachi 🌟Bì Loại 75Gram🌟Bánh Tráng Sachi🌟 - Bánh  Tráng Sachi

The must-try specialty’s fame goes far beyond the village and is a much-appreciated gift for relatives and friends after a visit to Binh Dinh.

The crackers are made from rice, sesame, peanuts, wheat flour, filter powder, and several different seasonings.

Bánh tráng Sachi 4 loại (gạo,dừa,mì,ruốc) thùng 100 gói. - Bánh Tráng Sachi

Despite the simple recipe, making good sesame rice crackers requires precision in choosing high-quality rice as well as finesse in grilling.

The crackers are made by steaming a thin layer of the batter in a traditional way or on a machine like this. Sesame and peanuts are added to the batter in this stage.


After this, the steamed sesame rice sheets are dried under the sun for 5-7 hours or in a drying oven if the weather is humid.

Dating back hundreds of years, the making of sesame rice crackers has been maintained and developed in Tam Quan town. It has created jobs and improved incomes for local people. As many as 20,000 crackers are made every day.

In a bid to create a brand name for local crackers, Sachi Foods was set up in May 2017. The company was established to produce sesame rice paper, coconut water rice paper,rice vermicelli, noodle,….

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